Leaving gifts for all goodbye situations

Have you just had news about someone leaving work? A friend moving on to pastures new? A teacher leaving, your boss retiring? Take a look at these hand picked leaving gifts that will give inspiration for any leaving occasion.
Saying goodbye can be a tough, difficult and upsetting situation but it doesn’t have to be. Naturally as life goes on we will have to say goodbye to many friends, work colleagues, teachers and more. Many of us will spend more time with work colleagues than family.

Seeing each other every day we get to know one another in so many ways, birthdays, ambitions, life goals and quirks. When it comes to say goodbye it’s not easy, however you can turn this situation around from upsetting to thoughtful and remembered.

A simple gift can show that special someone how much you cared, a thoughtful gesture that they will always remember. Leaving gifts are affordable too, we’ve put together some cool, unique and unusual gifts that say goodbye in style.

So, you’re work friend is leaving, bid farewell with a very unusual gift, a cool chalk memo with pins and tape. My Time can be used anywhere, at home of at their new place of work. Help your friend plan their days with a fully customisable memo planner. The self-adhesive roll can be pinned and stuck, the write on material allows you to chalk down plans and daily schedules, a great gift!
How about a gift they can take to work or home and will be a cool reminder that you will miss em. Milk light is an ambient light that give off a subtle warm glow, perfect for the desk at work or the bedroom at home. This USB chargeable light is styled on an old Milk Bottle, use as a reading light or desk light.

How about a Corkboard Map? This self-adhesive map of the world made from cork allows you to pin tickets and postcards to create a visual travel; planner or travel to do list.

Staying on the travel theme, Mapnetic is a magnetic map of the world that you can draw on and plan trips, make notes and more.

If you’re still struggling, here’s a gift that’s perfect for everyone! A map of the world, not any map of the world though, a scratchable map. Yes, scratchable! This incredible innovative creation allows you to plan a trip of a lifetime or record all your past travels. Create your own visual travel record that you can add to as you travel. Spanning an impressive 82.5cm wide and 52.4 high, the ultimate leaving gift for any goodbye situation.

Leaving gifts for teachers

Whether you’re saying goodbye to a teacher that’s leaving or retiring, or if you’re changing classes or moving up a year, buy your teacher an unusual leaving gift to say thanks. If you want to say goodbye because your leaving school, college of university, a thoughtful gift will show your teacher just how much they will be missed is easy.


Saying goodbye to your teacher doesn’t have to be upsetting, find a gift that can sit on their desk, something they can remember you for. Teaching isn’t easy and in most cases, they will feel unappreciated at times, a cool stationery accessory sitting on their desk will remind them that you appreciated them.

Gepeto Pencil sharpener

A teacher will always need a pencil sharpener and Gepeto is a fun, cute Pinocchio designed pencil sharpener that will always bring a smile to anyone’s face! As you sharpen a pencil, it looks like Pinocchio is telling lies.

How about some cool post it notes? When we say cool we mean cool, Ice Lolly Notes are as cool as you can get. A 1000 small circle notes with a pencil in the middle to look like a lolly stick, designed to look like your favourite rainbow coloured ice lolly, unique, fun and useful too! How about City Notes, available in 3 types, London, Paris and New York.

These colourful notes are big enough for those all-important notes yet small enough to sit next to the keyboard.

How about a ruler? Skyline isn’t just any old ruler, it’s available in 3 different types, all of which are designed on iconic skylines, London, New York and Paris.

DIY Wheelie Bin Desk Tidy

A cool desk tidy that you can doodle on and keep your desk in order. The Wheelie Bin can act as a pen pot, somewhere for paperclips and a safe place for scissors.

How about something truly unique, how about a Scratch Map? Perfect for a geography teacher but ideal for anyone, the Scratch Map is a map you can personalise. Available in many forms including World, Travel size, France and the USA. Your teacher can plan a trip of a life time by customising the map or create a personal travel record of places they visited, either way this is the ultimate gift perfect for any teacher.